Make Coffee Fun Again With Tetris Sugar

Sing the Tetris theme as you sweeten your cuppa joe.

There’s an axiom in cartooning that simplicity leads to universality, and I think that’s the secret to Tetris. Besides the easy play of the game - anybody can pick it up in moments - the pieces have specific and quickly identifiable silhouettes. Those pieces, like Pac-Man and the Space Invaders, will live on long beyond the lifespan of the game.

And now they’re sugar. Or that’s the concept created by Danil Zdorov, although I don’t know why this is stuck at the ‘concept’ stage. I would happily drop these guys into my morning coffee. Hell, you’d probably catch me playing with them first.

Soon! Maybe soon we’ll have our Tetris sugar. Keep hoping.

via Walyou

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