Fantastic Fest Now Accepting “100 Best Kills” Entries!

Every year at Fantastic Fest we sit in a theater, drink some beer and watch 100 amazing cinematic deaths. This year you can submit your ideas for what should be shown. If your kill is chosen, you’ll win 100 DVDs and Blus!

One of the greatest long-running traditions of FF is the 100 BEST KILLS PARTY, where we sit in a theater together and turn the spotlight on the Grim Reaper of movieland as he disembowels, detonates and decapitates again and again and again. We’re not watching for character development or thematic resolution or any of that garbage; just the most life-defying acts of human extermination in film history. No man, woman, child or puppy is spared as the equalizing fist of mortality crushes cinema’s best and worst into quivering red chowder. BUT! We need your help to make 2011′s 100 BEST KILLS the most mayhem-congested homicide-fest of all time. Just submit your optimum kills to us (instructions below) and the show’s best murder-slinger will receive 100 DVDs and Blu-Rays (!!!) from Fantastic Fest. Entries must be uploaded by September 13 to be eligible, and clips may be no longer than 90 seconds. Send as many kills as you like, but make them great ones that we haven’t seen before. So what are you waiting for?! Tear yourself open and unleash the KIIILLLLLLLL!!!!!

How to submit your best kills to us:

Just upload your kills to your Vimeo account. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. It’s super easy. You can set it up here (

Be sure to make your video downloadable to others. If you must password protect it, don’t forget to send us the password with your URL.

Next, email the link, along with your name to [email protected] and make some room on your shelf for those 100 DVDs and Blu-Rays you are going to win!

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