Thankful For Cinema: See Tarzan and Arab’s Journey To Austin

Tarzen and Arab are twin filmmakers from Gaza who had never seen a movie in a theater. The Drafthouse smuggled them to Austin to see their first projected film - as well as their own film on a big screen in front of an audience.

Weeks ago I told you the story of Tarzan and Arab, the filmmaking brothers who escaped Gaza to come to Texas. Their goal: to see a movie on the big screen for the first time. After lots of uncertainty and a little bit of danger, they came to Austin and entered the Alamo Ritz on 6th Street, where their short Colourful Journey played before a screening of their favorite film, Cries and Whispers. 

While they were in Texas Tim League and the rest of the team from the Alamo Drafthouse showed them the best the state had to offer, including the Austin Studios, I Love Video and more. Their visit was documented, and this short featurette lets you meet Tarzan and Arab and see what their experience was like.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and most of us will be doing the big family dinner thing. As you're remembering what you're thankful for, take a moment to give a nod to cinema. Not just escapism and entertainment, at its best cinema is like emotional telepathy, allowing filmmakers to beam ideas and feelings straight into you through the power of the big screen. And while you're at it, be thankful for repertory theaters; the experience of seeing a great movie on a big screen with a warm audience is one of the best things the modern world can offer us, and it's something many of us take for granted. 

Tarzan and Arab's journey is not over! They are working on a feature film, and there's a Kickstarter dedicated to helping them fund it. Check it out right here. 

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