Watch Gut-Busting Recap Footage From ALIENS ON ICE!

See a video of Austin's Old Murder House Theatre's production of ALIENS ON ICE!

It’s with sheer delight that I find an introduction to Austin’s own Old Murder House Theatre currently nonessential. After all, the following recap video for last weekend’s awe-inspiring DIY on ICE rendition of Cameron’s genre staple Aliens has already gone viral. To elucidate with a quote/tweet from the man at the helm of the promising troupe regarding the io9 mention of Aliens on Ice, “@sammyeidson THEY DONT KNOW US." On the other hand, a grown man in a flaxen wig busting his overall-wearing ass all over the rink in an untamed, animated portrait of Newt doesn’t exactly fly beneath the hive mind’s radar.

Like their live productions before (See also: Die Hard, Jurassic Park, Robocop), OMHT spared some expenses in favor of more ingenious, vulnerable prop creations - an element that always strikes a sweet deal with the unadulterated hilarity of fate. Note a key fact that none of these guys could skate two weeks prior and unforeseeable events such as the yellow power loader comprised of cardboard and PVC tipping over during the crucial Ripley vs. Alien Queen battle scene as the audience roars. 

Before you kick yourselves into hypersleep because you missed it, rest assured that the multi-talented gang's announcements of equally superb, staged love notes to films of the eighties and nineties are surely on the horizon. And with any luck they’ll eventually have the opportunity to take one to your city. 

What would you like to see Old Murder House Theatre do next? The gentlemen are open to and have seen double features through, but with reason might ignore purely hypothetical requests for Prelude to a Kiss and Somewhere in Time on the bill.

(Photo courtesy of Chris Corona)

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