Worthington’s Law: More Money = Better Than

An old Mr. Show sketch illuminates one of the societal problems that created Occupy Wall Street.

Every now and again I'll watch a bunch of Mr. Show sketches on YouTube. I just love going randomly through the classic show's best stuff, giggling to myself for a half hour or so at a time. Sometimes while I'm clicking around I'll come across a sketch that still feels incredibly relevant, even though it was conceived at the height of the slacker era. 

This sketch, about "Value Magazine" and Worthington's Law, which states "More Money = Better Than" really sums up the insidious class system in which we have found ourselves in America. In a lot of ways Worthington's Law is exactly what Occupy Wall Street is fighting against. Being rich doesn't entitle you to better treatment from the law, or ownership of the government. This lady's sign sums it up nicely as well:

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