Rupert Pupkin - The Early Years: A 7-Year Old Stand Up

A 7 year old stand up comedian who apparently learned everything he knows from De Niro in KING OF COMEDY.

Is this real? I don't even know what's too insane to be real anymore; post Toddlers & Tiaras I think anything is up for grabs.

This video is of 7-year old stand-up Zachary Alexander Rice doing his act at Flappers Comedy Club (almost every comedy club in America has a name that sounds phony). He's certainly got a lot of energy. 

As the headline notes, this kid's delivery reminds me so much of Rupert Pupkin in King of Comedy that I would be tempted to book him to warm up the crowd before a screening of that movie. The question is whether he would kidnap me.

Thanks to Kumail for the terrifying link.

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