That One Time Morrissey Was Forced To Hang Out With A Bus Full Of Kids

Watch Morrissey and The Smiths chill with a bunch of kids to the strains of Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now.

I can't exactly figure out what this is from; I've done some research but nothing I've read has pinpointed what this British TV show was. All I know is that for some reason The Smiths are on "Charlie's Bus" with a gaggle of kids, and they're headed to Kew Gardens, where they run into pop singer Sandie Shaw.

There are so many layers to this video that I feel like I'm being incepted. There's the weirdness of watching Morrissey be so uncomfortable with it all ("Where are we going?" asks a girl. "We're all going mad," Morrissey replies) and the apropos nature of Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now playing on the soundtrack. But wait! That song was inspired by Sandie Shaw's pop hit from the 70s, Heaven Knows I'm Missing Him Now, so it all makes perfect sense. Levels upon levels.

Thanks to Matt Miller for directing us to this strange, strange video.

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