Excellent International PROMETHEUS Trailer Starts Giving The Game Away

If you're the type of person whose definition of 'spoilers' includes basic vague aspects of the story, turn back now.

Everything's a spoiler now, and it's just getting worse. The definition of what a spoiler is has grown like the Roman Empire, covering as much territory as possible. In a decade people will consider it a spoiler if you tell them a certain movie comes out this weekend. 'I wanted to be surprised when I got to the theater!' they'll cry, before blocking you on Twitter. 

So if you're one of those people who consider any aspect of a movie a spoiler, don't watch the video above. See, this trailer for Prometheus gives us a fairly strong understanding of what the movie is, which is what you need to do to convince people that they want to come see said movie. Me, I'm okay with that kind of thing, so I watched the trailer and it's pretty great. It has some excellent shots of [REDACTED] doing [REDACTED] and looks kind of [REDACTED].

Prometheus opens on [REDACTED].

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