Support Phil Tippett’s MAD GOD, A Crazy Non-Commercial Stop Motion Feature

Special FX legend Phil Tippett is using old fashioned FX techniques to make a crazy, bizarre piece of art. And he needs your help.

We don't cover a lot of Kickstarter stuff here because I remember a time when people made comic books or music without begging for money upfront. But some Kickstarter efforts are so unique and necessary that I feel it's my duty to bring them to your attention.

One such project is Mad God, a film being made by Phil Tippett. If you know Tippett's name that's probably because you're a real film fan; he's one of the great visual FX artsits of our time, whose work has stretched from the classic age of FX (Star Wars, Dragonslayer) to the modern age (Jurassic Park, Starship Troopers). While Tippett made the transition to CGI, he never lost his love for the tactile world of stop motion.

Mad God is the result of that. A project he began and abandoned years ago, Mad God is a dark, surrealist, silent film filled with strange creatures and mad scientists. It's utterly non-commercial, a plotless piece that is about sensory experience and unleashed imagination. And it can only be finished with your help.

Tippett has been working with a bunch of volunteers to make the film, but materials and studio space still cost money. He's turning to the internet to support Mad God, and after watching the footage above you'll see why. This is a movie that has zero commercial hopes and is probably too strange and genre for the big festivals. It's a movie aimed right at us, connoisseurs of the odd, the unusual, the unique. The people outside the mainstream. The most interesting people, in other words.

Click here to help out and get Mad God made. It's close to its goal - be a part of history!

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