Who Bond Boned

A handy dandy infographic laying out all of 007's lays.

Adventure. Gadgets. Tuxedos. Exotic locales. All of these are in the recipe for a successful James Bond movie, but there's one extra ingredient: babes. The Bond Girl is a cultural touchstone at this point, although it's a stone only James Bond gets to touch.

A couple of years ago, when Casino Royale rebooted the Bond franchise, all the Bond Girl stuff seemed louche, but there's a post-George W. Bush sex positivity in the air these days and we're all okay with the idea of beautiful, sexy women enjoying the company of our super agent again. Skyfall definitely gets back to traditional Bond Girl territory, while maintaining a modern spin on it. These Bond Girls are real characters!

This is an infographic that lists all of Bond's sexual conquests in the many Bond films over the decades. It comes from a soulless marketing company that probably sits around trying to figure out how to get their content on sites like this (congrats guys, you did it!). The answer, generally, is to be interesting. I thought this was interesting.

BTW, for completists: Skyfall's numbers would include a boat, a shower, a hotel room (exact location unclear). It's also the first Craig film where Bond beds more than one girl!

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