Behold! Mecha-Tom Cruise!

The first still from ALL YOU NEED IS KILL, featuring mechaCruise running from a fireball.

Doug Liman is directing Tom Cruise in the movie All You Need Is Kill, which is like a Source Code/Groundhog Day sort of a film. It's the future, and Cruise is a warrior dropped into an alien invasion... where he is instantly killed. But somehow he's in a time loop, so every time he dies he starts back at the beginning. Each life makes him better, stronger and more able to deal with the situation. It's a video game, essentially. The aliens even seem to be generic hording types. 

This is the first picture from the film, which shows Cruise in his HaloStarship Troopers: The Novel mech suit. It's pretty cool. Running from a fireball... sorta hackneyed. 

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