The WORLD WAR Z Trailer Looks Seriously Bad

This one's not for me.

With all the delays and in-fighting surrounding World War Z, I'll admit, I've had no interest in this movie for a long time. And I'm not even a fan of the book, so I'm not the target audience for this movie in the least. I know that.

That said, this looks bad. Much worse than I expected, even. The fast, slick, weird CGI torrents of zombies just aren't working. True, that's how they operate in the book, as an external virus, but it's neither visually nor emotionally effective in this format. 

And for all the helicopters and big set pieces and fancy computer graphics telling me how many billions of lives have been lost, the trailer doesn't seem to offer any real scope. Even though I don't care for the book, I did appreciate the way author Max Brooks gave a tangible sense of how this epidemic is affecting the entire world. Each country responded to the outbreak in a different way, in ways that make sense with that country's history, geography and culture. The movie just looks like the Brad Pitt Show. 

Sure, it's a trailer, they have to sell the movie, and how better to do that than with hordes of zombies and Brad Pitt? Nonetheless, I don't feel sold in the slightest. Do you?

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