Renn Faires Will Never Be The Same After Neil Finn’s HOBBIT Song

Hear the closing credits track from the Crowded House frontman. 

I'm the kind of geek who has a favorite end credits song from the Lord of the Rings films*, so I'm pretty interested in the end credits song from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It's by Neil Finn, New Zealander and most famous as leader of Crowded House (most famous for the song Don't Dream It's Over). And it's sort of, in that medieval folk way a Lord of the Rings song needs to be. What I like, though, is the heavy dwarven percussion in the second half.

I mean, to be fair, this is some soft rock bullshit, even moreso than the end credits songs of the first three films, and I'll never listen to it outside of the film. But I like the AY YAY YAY YA stuff. And the clanging!

Click here to listen. 

Gollum's Song from Two Towers

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