Good News, Guys: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Costume Will Have Bigger Eyes

Thank god they're fixing that. 

I'm sure I did that nerd-moaning thing when I saw the costume in Amazing Spider-Man - I remember not liking some of the detailing - but whatever. It was fine. It looked like Spider-Man, it just happened to be fucked with just enough to make the costume designer feel important. Everybody has to put their fingerprints on it, don't you know. 

It certainly wasn't the source of my problems with the movie. But it's getting changed anyway, and director Marc Webb is very proud of the new costume, talkling it up on Twitter:

I don't know what 'Gnarly web shooters' means in any functional way, but I'm guessing the 'Bigger eyes' bit is about some post-McFarlane depictions of the character, which have had the eyes almost as big as Spidey's whole mask. 

I wonder if 'Gnarly web shooters' means 'busy webbing,' as seen above. I do hope the writing is better than the page above, though.

Which, by the way, is the whole problem with Amazing Spider-Man. Don't tell me you're making his eyes bigger, Webb - tell me you're making the script better. You cast the film well. You shot the film well enough, if too 'moody.' Your costume was fine. Your choice of villain was even interesting. Your script sucked, though. Make the script better. 

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