Morgan Spurlock Is The Honey Badger Of Doc Directors, Makes ONE DIRECTION Movie

He don't give a shit. Also he's played out. 

I don't really understand Morgan Spurlock's career. He started out as a gimmicky, but interesting, documentary filmmaker. Super Size Me actually made a difference in the world, which is very cool. Then he got a TV show where the 30 day gimmick was repeated every episode. Which is okay. Then he made Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?, which is actually a bad film. And then he started making documentaries about product placement and Comic Con and the grooming of men. It's like he's making 90 minute features out of fluff stories from your local newspaper. Maybe he'll do one of that water-skiing squirrel. Actually, I'd bet money on him doing a doc about memes at some point.

Before then, though, he'll be directing a concert documentary about One Direction, the latest boy band sensation you never heard of. This is all fallout from the Justin Bieber documentary, which also spawned the Katy Perry documentary. Hopefully pop culture can manufacture another awful tween act in the next year so we can keep this juggernaut of important concert docs going. 

Anyway, Spurlock is doing this One Direction movie and I simply don't understand why. Maybe he'll be in the band for 30 days or something. Maybe I'm woefully out of touch and this soulless boy band is the next Beatles, and Spurlock wants to be there when this generation's Bob Dylan* introduces them to weed. 

Or maybe Spurlock is just this huge huckster who actually had a good idea once. 

* Jason Mraz, or somebody equally dire.

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