Mark Wahlberg Loved Those Ladies From THE FIGHTER, Too

Today is THE FIGHTER day on BAD! Coincidentally.

While David O. Russell's The Fighter took us on a gut wrenching journey through the conflicted hearts of two warriors as they battle the physical and emotional struggles that come with being a boxer and a crackhead, respectively, we all know the secret highlight of that film was Micky and Dicky's army of loud mouth, proudly camel-toed, take-no-shit sisters (there were like sixteen of them, some as old as their mother). Yeah, Christian Bale was impressive, but not as impressive as that bit where Amy Adams took out Conan O'Brien's sister. Speaking personally, I just watched this film for the first time two days ago, and now I'm totally gay. (Or as some Skyfall fans put it, I'm "just trying to mess with James Bond psychologically, *wink, wink*.")

It doesn't take much of an imagination to see how well-suited the real life counterpart to these fine ladies are for the reality television landscape, which feeds off socially unacceptable, highly emotional behavior and poor fashion choices.

Which is why it should come as no surprise that Mark Wahlberg is currently executive producing a show for A&E which follows ladies of this ilk as they fist fight and overreact their way through day to day life. The show is still yet to film and does not even have a name at this early stage, but SNL will probably already have a parody of it this weekend.

Is this newsworthy? Not really. I just thought it would be funny to have two different The Fighter stories on the front page, as if one tiny part of the Internet world just went through a very inconsequential time machine. Say hi to your mother for me.