Kevin Feige: IRON MAN 3 Features No Avengers Cameos

The Marvel Studios chief insists there will be no distracting guest appearances. Plus: it's not a serious movie!

Kevin Feige has been doing some talking about Iron Man 3, which recently finished filming with Shane Black at the helm. The first film in Marvel's Phase Two will finally pit Tony Stark against The Mandarin, a villain teased since the very first movie, way back in the prehistoric ages of 2008. 

While the film will deal with the fallout of The Avengers, which takes place a year in the past, Feige says don't expect the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes to show up in Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 doesn’t feature any of the other Avengers, or Nick Fury showing up, or any of those world-blending conceits that the Phase One films had. You have to keep in mind that Iron Man 3 had been in the works for almost a year, year and a half before The Avengers was released. We’re sticking to the vision for these films, and showing once again that these characters are just as interesting alone as they are together.

That's a good sign. Of course don't take it fully at face value: Feige and the folks at Marvel Studios aren't above telling fibs in order to maintain surprise in their films. Also, some of the previous cameos have been shot at the last minute - The Avengers' famous schwarma scene was shot AFTER THE PREMIERE. While there are no cameos right now, don't be entirely shocked if something gets added at the last minute.

Feige also speaks to the film's tone; the first trailer has people comparing the movie to The Dark Knight Rises, which is standard for the internet: short-sighted, history ignorant and crazily inappropriate. Feige makes it clear:

It’s not a serious movie, but we seriously dig into exploring more of Tony. The trick is just trying to make great movies. We try to make them all great, all different and all fresh. What you’ll see in Iron Man 3 is some very unique directions that were taken.

He also confirms that it's James Rhodes in the star spangled Iron Patriot suit, with some encouraging buddy cop comparisons:

The notion in the movie is that a red, white and blue suit is a bold statement, and it’s meant to be. With Rhodey, he’s very much the foil to Tony’s eccentricities, and in this one you get to see this and be reminded of the trust and friendship between them in that great Shane Black buddy-cop fashion.

I have a suspicion this could be the best Iron Man film yet. Here's hoping that it kicks off Phase Two well. 

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