GIRLS Season 2 Preview Brings The Energy

The GIRLS are back and lookin' good.

So much is happening in this preview for Girls Season Two! Looks like Hannah and Elijah are now roommates, Adam's stalking her with charm, she's making out with a bunch of different dudes (including - a glimpse of Donald Glover?!), Shosh and Ray are still being adorable, Marnie's no longer working at the gallery and, oh by the way, JORMA TACCONE IS BACK. And he and Marnie will finally, finally have sex. Because he is a man, and he knows how to do things.

And then this happened, and I might have pumped my fist in the air and squealed a little. Welcome back, ladies. I've missed you.

Girls returns to HBO on January 13, and I'll be reviewing it again for BAD!

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