And a mysterious trench-coated figure!

Is that Benedict Cumberbatch? I suppose it would be, right? But it doesn't look anything like him to me - this guy is broader than Cumberbatch. The hair looks weird. He looks, to me, like Morrissey. 

Maybe Morrissey is the villain of Star Trek Into Darkness.

This poster is... pretty okay. I like the basic concept, with the hole in the side of the... thing... in the shape of the Starfleet symbol. I mean, it's totally stolen from the Dark Knight poster, but it's cool. And the figure on the poster is like a repaint of that "Joker with his back to the camera' poster from that same movie, but whatever. It's interesting that London is the city our Trenchcoat Space Mafia guy is looking at. A hint?

My guess is that the ten minute Star Trek Into Darkness presentation plays at this weekend's Butt-Numb-A-Thon, which means we'll know by this time next week that Khan is the villain. If you're making wagers, this is pretty much your last chance to put your money where your speculation is.

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