How? How does he keep topping himself like this!?

Tyler Perry posters typically take a few different forms. First you have the surprisingly impressionistic posters that make Tyler Perry look like an artist of true worth. Then, if it's a Madea movie coming out in the spring, you have have Oscar movie parody posters. Beyond that, you have ensemble posters that degrade in quality with each media format they adorn.

This just released poster for Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (and once again, I could go on and on about the accidental genius found in that amazing title) takes the artistic route. As you can see, it conflates the human-damning Satan Snake from the Book of Genesis with the face of a woman. So Perry's gender politics are clearly just as healthy as ever.

I am so very excited for this one. Not only is the title expertly fucked up, and not only does this poster reinforce the bizarre gap between intent and reality that defines Tyler Perry's "best" work, but in a statement on the poster's release Perry himself promises that Temptation will be the most provocative thing he's ever done, "sexually or otherwise." If you were to take over Tyler Perry's body and make him say exciting things just for my benefit, you could not come up with stuff this rich.

In other Tyler Perry news, Next Movie interviewed Perry's Alex Cross co-star Edward Burns, during which Burns admits that his long awaited (I guess?) return to over-talky Irish romantic dramedies with this month's The Fitzgerald Family Christmas is completely Tyler Perry's fault. Apparently Perry bugged Burns about why he wasn't repeatedly doing the number one thing he was known for doing over and over again. "Super-serve your niche" is the glorious way he puts it. Instead of offering him a good answer, I guess, Burns finally opened himself to the concept of pandering. And so we have The Fitzgerald Family Christmas, which actually sounds like it could be the title to an Irish Tyler Perry movie.

Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor comes out March 29th, or as we know it in my house: Christmas #2.

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