Guillermo del Toro, Paul Williams Team Up For PAN’S LABYRINTH Musical!

This is the best news ever, maybe.

I don't have to tell you why you love Guillermo del Toro. I may have to remind you why you love Paul Williams. He's the guy who wrote all the classic songs in The Muppet Movie. Even better than that, he's the guy who wrote all the classic songs in Phantom of the Paradise. He's written a ton of other classic pop songs as well. And he's been a wonderful actor - he's even in Battle for the Planet of the Apes!

Guillermo is a big Paul Williams fan, and he especially loves Phantom. Once, when I was visiting his legendary Bleak House, he let me wear a Phantom helmet he had acquired. It made my year. Now GdT finally has a project with Paul Williams, and it's an exciting one: a stage musical production of Pan's Labyrinth.

It's something del Toro has been working on for years; he already has written the book, in conjunction with Jeremy Ungar. Gustavo Santoallala is writing the music, and Williams will write the lyrics. 

I'm assuming the show will premiere in London, since the producers are London-based. I don't know how far out we are from an actual production, but I'm assuming it's long enough that I have time to start saving up for the flight. Because oh yes, I will be seeing the musical version of Pan's Labyrinth.

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