Hey, SMALLVILLE Did That Pre-Flight Energy Gathering Thing Too

You're not so special, MAN OF STEEL!

Yesterday Devin posted the excellent new Man of Steel trailer, noting how cool it is that Superman appears to fly by gathering a field of energy around him before taking off. Always eager to drop Smallville into any conversation, I told him that the series finale did it first, when Clark finally takes on the mantle of Superman and heads for the sky. After teasing me that my comprehensive expertise of a show that no one likes but me has finally come in handy, he told me to write it up. So I am!

Unfortunately, every possible clip of that moment has embedding disabled, but here's the scene. (Don't worry, John Schneider, I will always hold on to Smallville.) Before you freak out that Jonathan Kent's in the Fortress of Solitude, it's a metaphor. Clark must accept the legacy of both of his late fathers before he can become a true hero, the man and the symbol. Right before this clips begins, Terence Stamp's Voice of Jor-El is blessing his journey, as well.

Oh man, this moment was huge, HUGE, for any fan who watched all 217 episodes of this show. We witnessed Clark's journey from goofy teen to football jock to college freshman to bereaved son to dashing reporter to finally the hero that Earth most needs. That shit was earned, and even watching it again via YouTube just made my entire day.

If you're too lazy to watch the clip, here are some fuzzy screencaps to convince you.

Man of Steel:




Actually, I see a lot of Smallville the town and Smallville the show in the trailer. Tons of Jonathan and Martha, young Clark struggling with protecting his identity while using his talents to save those in trouble (a weekly theme on Smallville), and, oh by the by, Darkseid was the villain in the final season of Smallville. Not that he will be in Man of Steel, but the rumor's that Darkseid will be the big bad in the Justice League movie, which means our big blue Boy Scout might be battling the New God again before we know it.

I understand this is simply an opportunity for you to mock me in the comments for my undying love of this show, but I'm feeling generous today. Mock away!