JJ Abrams, Let Chris Nolan Teach You How To Be Coy

The filmmaker gives a non-answer about a certain rumored cameo at the end of MAN OF STEEL.

Possible Man of Steel spoilers follow.

JJ Abrams continues to dance around the question of just who is the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness. Nobody believes that the guy is really named John Harrison (middle names Paul Starky), but the charade continues. It continues in the form of a lot of out and out lies. 

Meanwhile, a rumor broke recently that Man of Steel will have a cameo at the end - Joseph Gordon-Levitt will show up as the new Batman and pave the way for the Justice League movie. When reached for comment, JGL's people denied, as they will do. That denial didn't mean much. 

Movieline briefly spoke to Nolan and asked him about that rumor. His response:

"I can't talk about that.  You know that."

And he said it with a smile. Perfect.

That's how you do it. Earlier this year, Marion Cotillard did it wrong by flat out denying she was Talia in The Dark Knight Rises. Lying, besides being immoral, is just crass. This isn't national security. You don't want to spoil the movie, obviously, but there are ways to avoid the question that are elegant, that are honest and that are, most of all, fun. A well-spoken sidestep, like Nolan's, is fun. It's actually playful, which is unusual for Nolan. 

By the way, if the JGL cameo is true, that's a legitimate spoiler. The name of your villain is not. 

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