Jamie Foxx Reveals Electro’s Origin In SPIDER-MAN 2

Jamie Foxx spills some beans on his supervillain role, and how it's different from the comics.

Jamie Foxx is doing press for Django Unchained, a great movie where he delivers a career-best performance, so of course the people at MTV are asking him about his upcoming comic book movie, Amazing Spider-Man 2. In that film Foxx will be playing Electro, one of the weaker members of Spidey's rogue's gallery.

Which is probably why the character seems to be getting overhauled for the film. It's hard to imagine anybody getting too upset about changing Max Dillon from his comic roots - in both the original and Ultimate comics he's largely a nobody character, and his origin isn't particularly interesting. In the original continuity he's an electric company lineman who gets electrocuted, which gives him powers. In Ultimate continuity he's a crook who gets genetically modified to act as a super powered enforcer. 

Foxx tells MTV that he won't be wearing the traditional green suit with yellow bolts on his head, which is a pity. He'll have a probably boring black suit. More interestingly, Foxx says that his character's origin is based on a feeling of neglect and a run-in with Spider-Man, in which Dillon delusionally believes he's Spidey's partner. According to Fox, his Electro is a misunderstood genius who is ignored by everybody - even his own mother forgets his birthday. I'm assuming that his delusion about being Spidey's partner will turn into a desire for revenge once Spidey rebuffs him. 

This feels like a smart riff on the character, and it makes the battle between Electro and Spider-Man at least personal. I don't expect this movie to be any good anyway.

What do you think the chances are the movie contains a scene where Dillon is sketching out costume ideas and rejects the classic costume as corny? 

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