Universe Finally Cuts George Miller Some Slack, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Wraps Production

 If you're visiting Hell today, be sure to bring a coat.

We can finally report that the long running war between God and George Miller (detailed here and here) is at an end. According to TwitchFilm, Mad Max: Fury Road has finally wrapped production after a long, arduous six month shoot, which at this point sounds like it could have counted as a modern thirteenth Herculean Labour.

There's little else to say on the matter. The Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron vehicular action film now goes into what will likely be a lengthy, problem plagued post-production phase. But, unless the whole film's hard drive gets erased or something stupid and totally possible like that, it'll likely be nothing compared to the already long road this film already trekked.

All we can do now is wait for what will hopefully be a fun new trip into Aussie weirdness. Not only is this a win for fans of good action films, but it's a win for secularism as well. Sorry, God. You put up one Hell of a fight, but someone has to go home a loser.

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