Winter Stout Is Coming: Brewery Ommegang Releasing Official GAME OF THRONES Beers!

 The Belgian-style brewery is coming out with a new ale in time for Season 3.

Now this is a product tie-in we can get behind. The characters in Game of Thrones like to drink - a lot - and while we most often equate alcohol with Cersei getting sloshed and horny on red wine, beer is an equally popular libation. How else do you think they stay warm up at the Night’s Watch?

HBO certainly didn’t mess around when deciding on an official beer for the series. They’ve tapped none other than Cooperstown NY's Brewery Ommegang, creators of fine Belgian-syle beers like Three Philosophers and Abbey Ale, to make unique brews for the series. George R.R. Martin is not an author known to shy from food descriptions and his beers are no exception, with everything from lemon breakfast ales to pepper beer to dark ales of all varieties written about in detail. Ommegang Brewmaster Phil Leinhart has a lot to work with here and has decided to go with a blonde ale for their first release, a clever idea for a Lannister beer.

That will be the Iron Throne Blonde Ale, which will roll out nationally (!) just in time for Game of Throne's third season premiere on March 31st. You can expect to find it on draft and in 750ml bottles for a mere $8.50 in mid to late march. Another beer will hit in the fall and two more will come in subsequent seasons. Considering that the third season is based on A Storm of Swords, the single best and most brutal book in A Song of Ice and Fire, we're going to need a lot of booze to get us through it. Keep'm coming, Ommegang!

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