Joel Edgerton And Isla Fisher Get Their Very Own THE GREAT GATSBY Character Posters

Both come with their own vague literary passage.

I'm the guy who hasn't read The Great Gatsby. I've certainly tried a number of times, but I can't get over my hatred enough to push through. I am also not the biggest Baz Luhrmann guy. Aside from the great Strictly Ballroom, his aggressive directorial style feels like nails on the chalkboard to me. I also don't really enjoy 3D. So this The Great Gatsby movie is all kinds of not for me. And yet I will see it. Because I am married to a Luhrmannfan.

Warner Bros is starting to amp up its Gatsby promotions and just released character posters for Joel Edgerton's Tom and Isla Fisher's Myrtle. For people like me (those who haven't read the book but saw the Robert Redford version, only too long ago to remember anything), there's even a bit of text from F. Scott Fitzgerald's seminal novel of high school reading material to help explain who these knuckleheads are. Unfortunately the words, which only fire can tell, are written in the language of Mordor, which I will not utter here.

I like these posters for two reasons, the main one being that I've never seen Joel Edgerton look like such a bad person. He always appears potentially dangerous, but in a tamed rottweiler kind of way. Here he strikes me as the slimiest douchebag ever, and I kind of like it.

But I'm also happy I saw the Isla Fisher poster simply because I didn't know who she was. It turns out, the only non-voice work movie I've seen her in was Hot Rod, where I mistook her for Amy Adams and I Heart Huckabees where I mistook her for Garret Dillahunt. She does not look like Amy Adams or Garret Dillahunt here. She doesn't really look like anyone, except Isla Fisher, I guess.

I bet you guys can school me on how cool or awful these posters are based on what you know about the novel. There's probably a lot more of this stuff coming. Like I said, I'm going to see The Great Gatsby either way when this former Christmas film comes out in May.

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