Scorsese To Give Bill Clinton The Rock Star Treatment

Finally, a meditation on the world's most underrated saxophone player.

I've always really liked Bill Clinton. But that fondness has long been tainted by suspicion that my affection was possible only due to ignorance. For one, I was too young and stupid when he was president to understand what he was doing politically. But more than anything, the guy's a total charm-aholic, and I could just be trapped under hisĀ irresistibleĀ spell.

Now Martin Scorsese is making a documentary on Bill Clinton for HBO (if you failed to recognize any of the proper nouns in that sentence, I'm afraid you did not pass your immigration test). The documentary is being made with Clinton's full blessing and participation, so I doubt it'll offer me any new reasons to change my mind on the guy. In fact, it will probably just make him look that much cooler. When it comes to musicians, Scorsese only gets the big dogs: George Harrison, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan. And now Bill "Saxamaphone" Clinton. Finally, he's going to get that recognition as a saxamaphonist he's been gunning for all this time. I can totally see this film ending with Clinton announcing his new membership in the E Street Band.

This will be the 1,000th collaboration between HBO and Scorsese. It's only just been announced, but I wouldn't be surprised if it started airing tomorrow.

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