PAIN & GAIN Trailer: Michael Bay Goes Coen Bros

The trailer for the new Michael Bay movie is actually great.

Michael Bay has always been a fan of the Coen Bros. Over the years he's cast many of their regular players in his movies, debasing the likes of Frances McDormand and John Turturro in his Transformers films. Now it seems like he's stepping right into Coen territory, or at least that's how the trailer for Pain & Gain strikes me.

Based on a brutal true story, Pain & Gain is about a group of muscleheads who kidnap a bad guy with the intention of making money on his ransom. Things go really wrong. Everything in this trailer makes me think this is Bay's Fargo, even down to the 'true story' bit (the Coens were lying, something Bay probably doesn't understand).

It's a great  trailer. How will the movie be? We'll see - comedy has never been Bay's strong suit. 

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