Third RIDDICK Film Proves Its Existence With Legitimate Release Date

Vin Diesel's franchise forces out yet another entry.

I don't know about this third Riddick movie. Literally, I don't know very much about it at all. News of its existence had hit my ears, but I just thought Hollywood was kidding. The whole project sounds like an idea from a parallel universe, where you just nod and accept what they do over there because you don't want to step outside the bounds of cultural relativism. In any case, Universal is releasing it in both regular theaters and IMAX September 6, 2013.

I actually like the first two Riddick films, but even if this third one turns out incredible, I feel like its potential cultural excitement level has a remarkably low glass ceiling due to the fact that no one asked for the last film, no one saw that film, and even more no one asked for this one.

And yet Universal feels they have something big enough to put on IMAX screens. I hope they're right. Whether people see it or not has little bearing on how much enjoyment I get from the film. The images released so far look awesome, too. I may question why this film was made, but I'm curious enough to be glad it was, even though it feels about a hair away from being another Lockout.

September feels like a smart month for this kind of film as well. Temperatures start to cool, the warm explosions of summer are but a distant memory, and theaters begin to fill with Oscar dramas exploring the human condition. A wild romp across the rusted cosmos with a monosyllabic xtreme sports athlete might be just what the doctor ordered.

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