The fans have spoken, and the DeLorean is coming!

Lego runs a contest where community creators come up with new Lego sets. They get voted on, and the good folks at Lego make the final decision. The creator of the set gets a 1% royalty on sets sold (which seems pretty low, but whatever).

The winner this time? A Back to the Future DeLorean! The original submitted design was the Back to the Future III modded DeLorean (complete with Western-garbed Doc and Marty minifigs), but I suspect the version above will be closer to what we see. After all, now that Lego is working with Universal on the property, I wouldn't be surprised to see versions of all the DeLoreans in the various films show up as sets. Why jump right to the last film when you can release them in order?

What makes this story really cool and not just overgrown geek bait is that the design team is donating their 1% to the Michael J Fox Foundation For Parkinson's Research. That's pretty damn cool.

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