Possible First Photo of Tom Hardy as Mad Max

Even if it's not real, this is probably what he'll look like.

Don't get too excited. This could end up being an embarrassing fake or something. But until then, set your brains to speculate as we ponder what could be a first image of Tom Hardy as Mad Max, sent into Harry at Ain't It Cool by a fan via Twitter.

He looks exactly as I'd pictured, which is to say I'm happy with what we see here. I still think it's kind of weird that Hardy's playing Max rather than some new character in the Mad Max universe. Does that really matter to you guys? Is it a deal breaker that Mad Max: Fury Road actually be about Mad Max? It's been so long since the last one that I don't really care who the main character is, so long as he's awesome. As the original Max Rockatansky turned into the mythical Mad Max, his specific personality shrank as his pure iconography grew. Since he's basically spent the last two films as a mostly nameless Ronin, replacing him with another of that archetype strikes me as good enough. Hopefully Hardy won't be named at all in the actual film.

Regardless, I know very little about these sorts of things, but I find it odd that Hardy would autograph an unofficial first character photo like this as if it were some standard laminated headshot. With production wrapped, the validity of this photo will likely be confirmed or denied fairly soon.

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