The GREAT GATSBY Full Trailer Is Manic Beauty

Get a peek of Baz Luhrmann's frenzied take on the old high school classic.

Like all of Baz Luhrmann's films, The Great Gatsby looks to be a love it or hate it endeavor (except Australia. That was mostly hate it and hate it). And, like his other films (except Australia), I expect to fall firmly in the love it camp. I think Luhrmann's ostentatious style will show off the opulence of the Roaring '20s to its best advantage, and I'm already enjoying what I've heard of the soundtrack that will certainly enrage at least half of the moviegoing population. 

DiCaprio is going to crush it as Number One Stunna Jay Gatsby and Tobey Maguire was born with the wide-eyed baby face of any Nick Carraway worth his salt. Plus Mulligan and Edgerton and diamonds and glitter and champagne and convertibles! This movie looks fancy

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