TYLER PERRY’S TEMPTATION Gets A Crazy-Promising First Trailer

Today is Evan's Christmas.

I have no idea what publishing fate awaits my Tyler Perry book, but I'm starting to think it won't be complete without a big write up of the upcoming Tyler Perry's: Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. There's been a kind of trashy magic absent from Tyler Perry's output ever since For Colored Girls failed to win all the Oscars that I suspected might be lost forever. I think this might be the one where he brings it all back.

(This kind of craziness lull has happened before, by the way. The films leading up to the supremely wacko Why Did I Get Married Too are actually quite good, and I thought maybe I'd lost my guy. Never in my life have I been so happily wrong.)

This trailer does little to calm my excitement. It's one of those trailers that previews not just the film but all three acts of the film, so we come away knowing nearly everything that happens.

All except for the crazy stuff, that is. And a couple of the quick flashes near the end -- as well as that weird overdramatic lady's crazy warnings about being dragged to Hell -- tell me shit's gonna get out of hand. Music to my ears.

I have this theory that one of the reasons people hate Tyler Perry so much is that hatred is the primary emotion his films elicit. People mistake the negative sensation for shitty filmmaking when it's actually the guy's strange brilliance. He knows how to make you hate more than any other filmmaker I know of. It's like this effortless thing for him.

I can smell Tyler Perry working that particular magic all over this trailer. You can see it in the casting. Few actors display as raw an altruism as Lance Gross, the cuckolded husband. We're meant to hiss at the slick catman stealing his lady, not because this is community theater but because Tyler Perry will make him almost sickening. Jurnee Smollett has slightly confused eyes, but she looks too strong and not bratty enough to be a regular Tyler Perry villain. We're not supposed to hate her because this is her movie, but that doesn't mean Tyler Perry won't accidentally hate her anyway. I can't tell yet. I will say that if there's a scene where she unloads a lot of nasty things on Lance Gross, it's going to be mean.

Something else at work here that gives me hope: for the first time since Why Did I Get Married, it looks like Tyler Perry's going back to this "hate the rich" roots. This bad guy isn't just rich, he's Tyler Perry movie rich, or as the trailer puts it, Zuckerberg rich. Not only will his smooth talking and special attention seduce this lady, but his lifestyle will as well. That's hasn't been such a big Tyler Perry no-no lately. I'm very interested in seeing the return of this trope, a transformation hinted at by the financially minded, but still nonjudgmental Madea's Witness Protection.

It's clear Tyler Perry wants to teach his female viewers a lesson on the dangers of cheating with this film. And being Tyler Perry, a guy who definitely graduated from the George Bluth school of lesson-giving, I think we might be in for a reverse gendered Fatal Attraction. I think. I don't want to jinx it.

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