Oh so this will be the GOOD magician movie!

Hollywood, ever home of the competing projects. There are two Las Vegas magician movies coming next year, and one looks pretty good while one looks like dung. The dung one is Now You See Me, a movie about a trio of young magicians who do some kind of heist. The whole thing looks like a nightmare of CGI, the anthisesis of what real illusion is about. The good one has its trailer embedded above; The Incredible Burt Wonderstone probably won't make any top ten lists, but it looks like a pleasant diversion that pays homage to true sleight of hand. 

Plus, it has Steve Buscemi in an amazing blonde wig.

In the film Buscemi and Steve Carrell are a magician team whose best days are behind them. They're threatened by a Criss Angel-esque douchebag magician, played by Jim Carrey, so they go to Alan Arkin - the old master who inspired them as kids - for help. Fluff, yeah, but every now and again you just want a nice fluffernutter sandwich. The talent on display will surely elevate it all, and it's directed by one of the stars of Squirm, so my ticket is already bought. 

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