Watch Test Footage For Eddie Murphy’s Live Action HONG KONG PHOOEY Movie

He was going to be the number one superguy.

For a brief moment the director of Chairman of the Board was going to direct Eddie Murphy in a live action version of the kung fu dog cartoon Hong Kong Phooey. A brief, shining moment. 

The movie never happened, but that director - Alex Zamm - spent surely millions of dollars on test footage proving that they could make an unfunny, tedious live action film based on the character. The test footage seems to be quite the proof of concept. They accomplished it! They spent money having a CGI dog with Eddie Murphy's voice drinking out of a toilet bowl!

Also included in the video is Zamm's test for Marvin the Martian. Watch it now before Warner Bros takes it down! Or don't, you'll probably be happier that way.

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