Watch A Brand New Terry Gilliam Film Right Here, Right Now For Free

A boy gets respect for his elders branded onto his soul with the power of terrifying clowns.

Hey guys! The new Terry Gilliam film is out! It's called The Wholly Family. The film is a twenty minute commercial for Garofalo pasta (a pasta who hasn't been in many movies since her Reality Bites heyday). Don't let the film's nature as an advertisement deter you: It's about as Gilliam as a film can possibly get, filled with noticeably wild camera movies, lots of weird imagery, and a healthy distrust of pretty much everything adult. I love it, and that's from someone who generally finds pasta boring.

If you need a plot synopsis to help you decide whether or not to watch a free, brand new Terry Gilliam film, then A) That's too bad, and B) It's about a little shit who hates his parents and goes on a kind of A Christmas Carol journey toward self-little-shit-actualization, helped by a bunch of guys on their way to an Eyes Wide Shut party at your mom's house.

The film actually played the festival circuit in Europe for a while, if you're still hung up on it being a commericial. It finally appeared online here in America a couple days ago, but no one seems to be talking about it much. It's cool, it's creepy, it's super Italian, it won't cost you a dime, and it's Terry Gilliam. What more do you want? Watch it.

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