More AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season Three Teases On The Way

Spoiler: Next year will take place on the set of JAG.

I'm saving American Horror Story season 2 for one big watch when it's all said and done. From what I've been hearing, I won't be disappointed on the batshit insanity front. It sounds like this asylum stuff beats season one by a country mile (and that country is Russia).

As the season nears its conclusion, the big question is where American Horror Story will go for season three. The most brilliant thing the show has going for it is its one season long story structure. Next year, everything will change and start over, and I'll hear all about how awesome it is while I exercise patience in favor of a massive marathon at the end of the season that may or may not kill me.

According to the show's head honcho Ryan Murphy, there have been clues sprinkled throughout episodes regarding the location of season three. Somehow, last week's episode, "The Name Game" teased the location, as did last night's "Spilt Milk," with another big one coming next week. Regarding fan theories so far, showrunner Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly:

I’ve been reading a lot of the theories and there’s another great clue in tonight’s episode. But I don’t think anyone has completely gotten it because it’s not just one thing. My favorite one was that the third season of American Horror Story is the last season of Dexter, which I thought was brilliant.

Did you hear that! The next season of American Horror Story will be the last season of Dexter! You heard it here! And at Entertainment Weekly.

Seriously, though, it's speculation time. I'm interested in where you think they're going to take it next year. Have any of you cracked the code yet? Who will return? How could the possibly outdo what they've already done so far (which, based on what I've been hearing, is a lot)? And most importantly, how much does Dexter suck?

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