The New Cover For Orwell’s 1984 Is Awesome

The latest Penguin edition of Orwell's classic dystopian scifi cautionary tale has a very daring cover.

The conventional wisdom in packaging is that you never cover up your brand. And yet the latest edition of George Orwell's 1984 does just that, covering up both the author's name and the book's title with black foil. The idea here, of course, is to reflect the censoring carried out by Big Brother in the book; at the same time it also makes for a striking cover that will jump out at browsers in book stores (should such things actually still exist).

The title and Orwell's name are still there, just hard to see. They're debossed so that if you were to approach the book in person you could still make them out. Designer David Pearson explains that they attempted "to establish just the right amount of print obliteration. Eventually we settled on printing and debossing... with the difference being that the title and author name were then blocked out using matt black foil. This had the effect of partially flattening the debossed letters, leaving just enough of a dent for the title to be determined – though I can't vouch for it's success on Amazon."

Pearson redesigned all of Penguin's Orwell books, and they're all quite nice as well, but this edition of 1984 truly stands above. 

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