Check Out This Deeply Emotional RIDDICK Photo

Someone left his cake out in the rain.

I am well aware that a new Riddick photo does not warrant its own post. Unless it's this Riddick photo. This Riddick photo needs some love, not because it's great but because it's currently contemplating suicide.

Poor Riddick. I think the rain might have shorted out the electronics in his fancy moped, and now he's stuck without a ride. It's also really dark outside, though I guess that doesn't bother him as much as it would you or I. He has cat eyes.

I got this photo from Latino Review who claims to have found it on Diesel's Facebook page. Along with 38 million other people, I "like" Vin Diesel's Facebook page and highly recommend you do the same. Not only does Vin Diesel often reveal fun new photos like this but also frequent affirmations that life is worth living so long as hope fills your heart.

I'm not sure how much hope fills Riddick's heart in this photo, but surely he has more fight left in him. We'll see if he ever gets a ride home when Riddick comes out September 6th.

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