Watch A Clip From ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW, The Buzz Film Of Sundance

Watch a scene from the movie that was shot in Disneyland, guerilla-style.

My review is yet to come, but I will say that Escape From Tomorrow is the film of Sundance for me. It's the bravest, strangest, most exciting and most thrilling movie that's played this festival in... years? Definitely years.

Here's what's so crazy about it: the movie was shot, guerilla-style, in Disneyland. Nobody knew this until the film premiered at Sundance, and critics were stunned to find a movie that dared to infiltrate the Magic Kingdom to deliver a haymaker of a criticism about the Disneyfication of our culture and how it has warped us as a society. I mean, there's more than that, but it's one of the film's major themes. 

This clip is not set at Disneyland; it seems as if the the publicists are downplaying that aspect a bit. Everybody here in Park City is waiting for word of Disney's lawyers sending a cease and desist or a lawsuit, and potential buyers stand on the sideline wondering about the legality of a movie that has scenes shot on the It's A Small World ride, as well as including plenty of shots of Mickey Mouse.

In the clip Jim, the lead character, is at the pool with his family when he sees these two French teens with whom he has been obsessed. They represent a concept of happiness that Jim, as a middle-aged dad of two, feels he gave up. They represent a sense of youth he's left behind and a feeling of possibility. Also, they radiate pubescent sexiness - a real Lolita thing.

Hopefully some of the Disney-set scenes show up online; one of the best things about the movie is how good the guerilla footage looks, as if the crew actually had permits. to shoot. 

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