Badass Video Extra: Where Did THE WIRE’s Wee-Bey Get His Name?

Devin asks Hassan Johnson, the actor who played Wee-Bey on THE WIRE, just where his name came from.

For the past five days I've been trapped in a studio at Sundance doing a whole ton of video interviews for Cinefix, the channel that runs the Badass Digest YouTube show. Cinefix took those interviews and edited them down, and sometimes gold was left on the cutting room floor. They were kind enough to share some outtakes with us, and over the next couple of days I'll be running these Sundance Extras. 

First up: Hassan Johnson and Isiah Whitlock, Jr of The Wire! They were in the studio to promote Newlyweeds, but how could I let an opportunity to talk about one of the greatest TV shows ever pass me by? I decided to ask Hassan Johnson to solve one burning Wire mystery: where the hell did Wee-Bey get his name anyway?

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