Sundance Interview: Sebastian Junger & James Brabazon, WHICH WAY IS THE FRONT LINE FROM HERE?

Devin talks with the war journalists who made a film about fallen war photographer Tim Hetherington.

If you've seen Restrepo, one of the best documentaries made about the Afghanistan war, you know Tim Hetherington. Along with journalist/manly man Sebastian Junger, Hetherington documented a year at one US military outpost in Afghanistan. Hetherington, a war photographer, had been famous in journalistic circles but that film brought him into a wider world, especially when it was nominated for an Oscar. But in 2011 Hetherington was killed while covering the uprising in Libya, an assignment that he thought might be his last one.

Sebastian Junger made a documentary about Tim's life, and brought it to Sundance this year - out of competition, he told me, because he didn't want Tim's life and death either being awarded or being snubbed by a jury. I had a chance to sit down with him and James Brabazon, a veteran war journalist and cinematographer of this doc, to talk about Tim. Sitting next to Sebastian Junger is a weird experience because he's such a fucking man, and I'm this soft and fuzzy manchild. Junger's been out in jungles and stared death in the eye; I've seen Wrath of Khan well over 100 times. 

This was the interview I was most excited to do at Sundance, and it turned out to be my last. I have to admit I haven't watched this edit yet - Junger and Brabazon and I talked for more than three and a half minutes, that's for sure - but I do hope this interview gets across just how profoundly Tim Hetherington impacted the lives of people. 

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