GI JOE: RETALIATION Viral Video Is Stunningly Subversive

A clever Cobra twist on military recruitment ads.

Maybe GI Joe: Retaliation will actually come out this year! If so, Paramount has a really cool viral marketing campaign going. As I'm sure you'll recall, GI Joe: Rise of Cobra ended with Cobra's Zartan replacing the President of These United States. Well, in the new film he's really doing some bad guy stuff, like killing off the entire Joe team, forcing the remaining members to become underground freedom fighters. You know, terrorists. 

So the viral marketing: the concept here is that Cobra is now an elite arm of the US armed forces, and Paramount has produced a recruitment ad and site that is so on the nose that it can only be viewed as an incredibly subversive parody of the military. I mean, maybe Paramount didn't do this on purpose, but how do you watch that video and not draw the conclusion 'Holy shit, they're saying that the US Military recruiting apparatus is lying and in service of secret evil!' 

Go to to see if you have what it takes to join the military-industrial complex!

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