Venom In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2? The Internet Thinks So

A new fan theory says Harry Osborn might become Venom. Let's talk about it.

You'll never convince comic fans of a certain age that Venom sucks. I've made my peace with that, and now I just hope that when Venom does inevitably show up in the movies again, he'll be used in an interesting way. 

Marc Webb has been tweeting pictures from the set of Amazing Spider-Man 2, and his latest photo has the fan community in a tizzy. It's a picture of... a locker of some kind. I thought it was a morgue locker, while others think it's a specimen locker, and a locker that specifically calls back to Ultimate Spider-Man comics. 



The first person to advance the following theory was Silas Lesnick of Coming Soon, but I like the way William Bibbiani of Crave lays it out:

That's the same number as the locker in which Peter Parker and Eddie Brock found the Venom suit in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic books, in which the suit was an invention by their respective parents, intended to cure cancer. Eventually, the symbiote bonded to Brock, and if you know anything about Spider-Man whatsoever, you probably at least get the gist of what happened next. This, dear readers, is the locker in which Venom was born.


That is not, however, the significance of the hashtag "#happybirthday." February 6 is the birthday of Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-star Dane DeHaan, who plays Harry Osborn in the sequel. Translation: "Happy Birthday, Dane DeHaan... Here's your Venom suit."

If we're right (again, if Marc Webb isn't just screwing with us), then Dane DeHaan would be the new Venom. And that makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? The son of the Green Goblin, friends with Peter Parker, who will eventually turn on the hero. With his roots in OsCorp and his best friend Spider-Man destined to turn against Harry's father, Dane DeHaan seems like the perfect candidate for the Venom suit in the new franchise, and then get his own solo movie, courtesy of DeHaan's old Chronicle director, Josh Trank.

These are all exactly the sorts of mental gymnastics required to be a conspiracy theorist as well as the kind of stalker who thinks movie stars are sending you direct messages from your TV. But I love it, even if I don't buy it. This sort of speculation is the kind of thing we used to do while hanging out in comic book stores, and it's fun. A waste of time, but we're talking first world 21st century movies here, they're almost all wastes of time.

Sony is still interested in doing a Venom movie, but would they want to make Harry Osborn Venom? I guess it's an interesting twist, and nobody in the real world gives a shit about Eddie Brock. And making Harry Venom would technically not be redoing the Green Goblin 2.0 storyline from Spider-Man 3. I always liked the premise that Raimi's movie had when it came to Venom, having Eddie Brock be the mirror image of Peter Parker, but making Harry into Venom fulfills some aspects of that. 

I think we can safely assume that if this is a set-up for Venom, it's a set-up for Venom in Amazing Spider-Man 3. The Rhino, Electro and Norman Osborn seem like enough villainy for one movie.

Would you like to see Harry Osborn as Venom? Do you still want a Venom solo movie? Weigh in below.

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