MONSTERS UNIVERSITY Trailer: Sulley And Mike Hit The Books

Watch the trailer for the MONSTERS, INC. prequel from Pixar!

Pixar debuted the Monsters University trailer today, and it's pretty adorable. It's been twelve years since Monsters, Inc., a clever, imaginative film with great characters that has stood the test of time. (Well, at least twelve years. Precisely that much time.) We've been teased with the proposed prequel, in which Mike and Sulley meet at monster college, for years now, and the trailer seems to hold up under expectations.

It's got an '80s-'90s college movie "us against them" vibe, like Revenge of the Nerds and Real Genius and the opening scene of Tommy Boy. It's also got a great cast, with Helen Mirren, Steve Buscemi, Michael McKean, David Spade, Dave Foley, Ken Jeong and more joining Billy Crystal and John Goodman as the bookish beasts. The film opens June 21, so tell your kid (or yourself) to go ahead and grow increasingly more excited in gradual increments over the next four months.

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