Tyler Perry Casts Sweet Brown In A MADEA CHRISTMAS

Perry's Christmas film finally gets a culturally recognizable face.

Are you familiar with Sweet Brown? I ask because until this news broke out, I had somehow managed to avoid her soothing magic for a shocking amount of time. Perhaps I was too distracted by the eventual rise of Kai, the hatchet-wielding homeless superhero.

There's not much to the whole Sweet Brown thing, anyway. Her almost one year old viral video, found above, is quite short, and encompasses the extent of what she's known for. Not that her participation in Internet culture should be downplayed. That clip may be short, but every second of it is hilarious.

It's certainly been enough to make her momentarily famous. Not only is she using her popularity to star in dentist commercials and appear on talk shows, but it looks like she'll be participating in Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas as well.

I'd like to think Tyler Perry is the one filmmaker in the world who might actually request Sweet Brown do more than just recycle her big catch phrases like we all expect. It's not impossible that he sees something worth developing in her bizarre character and line delivery.

But he's done these cultural cameos before, and they never turn out how you'd want. It's just as likely that Sweet Brown's participation in A Madea Christmas will look about the same as a Sweet Brown Saturday Night Live cameo would look. She'll pop up, say her thing, and be on the first bus back to Oklahoma within the next half hour. It's too bad, though. She'd fit right in with Perry's ever growing cast of bizarre old people with raspy voices.

We'll just have to wait and see. And by "we" I mean "me," though that feels grammatically incorrect. All I know for sure is that A Madea Christmas is shaping up to be the one Christmas present this year that won't leave me quivering in a fetal ball of disappointment. Even if it's awful, it'll be better than socks.

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