Check out the poster for the documentary about a Dutch teen who sailed around the world all alone.

What's the most impressive thing you've ever done? Laura Dekker probably had you beat before she was 17. The Dutch teen earned international attention when she sailed around the world all by herself, a task that most of us would never even consider.

Her story is coming to SXSW in the form of a documentary, Maidentrip. It's got a pretty cool pedigree - the filmmakers are all women, and it's one of a whopping 29 SXSW films directed by women. It's exciting to see a festival line-up that is so dedicated to giving women a place in the spotlight. Maidentrip is made up largely of footage Dekker shot herself while at sea.

I love the poster. The small boat in the center really gives you an idea of what solitude Dekker must have experienced. So much space, so little you.

If you're going to SXSW check out Maidentrip's schedule by clicking here. 

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