New MAN OF STEEL Trailer Knows Its Own Strength

This looks incredible.

Well, our 48 hours are up, and as promised we now have a new Man of Steel trailer.

And this trailer came to play. Actually, it feels way less like a modern movie commercial and more like an overture. This story is going to be big, you can tell. Zach Snyder and Warner Bros. are selling this with a nearly palpable confidence. Man of Steel is either the real deal, or they're taking "fake it till you make it" to a whole new level.

I haven't read any other reactions, so I don't know if I'm echoing everyone else's sentiments or outing myself as a massive fanboy idiot, but these images answer many of my hopes for a genuinely badass (both action wise and emotionally) Superman film. This is all very exciting, since I have always wanted to like Superman more than I've ever actually liked Superman, save for the first half of Richard Donner's film.

Here we have two dads to contend with, finally some attention paid to Lois Lane and her romance with Superman, and a finale that highlights General Zod and the physical threat he poses. I don't really know how much of the film we're going to spend with Superman as a trucker/crab fisherman/logger/oil driller, but if its executed as well as this trailer indicates, I don't really care. This is a film I suddenly feel might have genuine utilization for a three hour running time (actually, I think it's only supposed to be about two and a half hours, which now seems like a bummer).

There are so many great looking films coming out this summer. But somehow I doubt this one is going to get lost in the shuffle. For a minute or two, Warner Bros and DC will look really smart instead of almost shockingly unresolved and indecisive.

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