Chris Hemsworth Eyeballs Your Soul In This RUSH Poster

My soul was saving itself for his brother.

A while ago, I mistakenly put up a poster for Ron Howard's upcoming race car movie, Rush, that wasn't actually a poster for Ron Howard's upcoming race car movie, Rush. Instead it was a poster for a Bollywood movie called Rush where a guy (Emraan Hashmi) gets hit by a race car while running from a race car because a race car was chasing him (and that's just what happens in the poster!).

Sorry if I misled you with my ignorance.

Now Entertainment Weekly has the real poster, and it's pretty in your face. Not because of any shocking imagery, but because the poster image is uncomfortably close to Chris Hemsworth's noggin, so close that he ceases to be Chris Hemsworth and somehow becomes Kurt Russell.

What is this poster selling? A couple things. #1: The fact that it's based on a true story. #2: The fact that it's called Rush. #3: The fact that it was directed by Ron Howard. And #4: CHRIS HEMSWORTH.

And because of that, it's the most beautiful poster of the year so far. Enjoy.

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